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About Us
About Us

Media Platform Lab is committed to creating next-generation media platforms with enhanced media hub functions through providing distribution platforms for IP simulcast radio,“”. The service has been made possible by Media Platform Lab’s stable distribution network, technological development and reliable business operations.(Established on July 2, 2012)

Widespread use of broadband and highly functional, diversified mobile terminals (including smartphones and tablet computers) allow users to access the internet anytime, anywhere in Japan, bringing dramatic lifestyle changes.
On March 15, 2010, started an online radio service. The aim of the service is to expand radio listening opportunities and to eliminate disruptions in radio service due to unstable radio signals. As of the end of March 2014, will be used by 68 commercial radio stations and the Open University of Japan. The number of monthly individual users, which has surpassed 13 million, is expected to further increase.

Through the internet, display relevant information and images of performers on your smartphone while delivering radio programs. The service also works with social networking sites to create new communication channels between program creators and listeners or among listeners, thus transforming the existing radio broadcast network into a shared media system.
Media Platform Lab was established with the goal of providing stable content distribution services and creating a new way of enjoying radio programs on as it develops and evolves.

In addition to the existing free radiko provided to a limited distribution area, in April 2014 will also offer “ Premium” for a fee, which features an unlimited usage area, allowing users to listen to the radio content distributed by anywhere in Japan.

In addition to providing stable service and improving the offerings of, Media Platform Lab aims to create a next-generation media platform with enhanced media hub functions that aggregate various content including sound, characters and images as well as providing stable service and improving the offering of