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President and Representative Director
Akira Shirahase

Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 to offer the radiko distribution platform in a stable and continuous manner. With radiko, users can enjoy radio content on their personal computers and mobile devices.

The word “Lab” in the company name represents our commitment to research and development of new media platforms. While maximizing the value of traditional media, we provide it to our customers to meet their expectations without fail. Because this is technologically supported by media platforms, we regard promoting their expansion as our corporate mission.

The radiko business helps realize a new form of radio media. The following shows the benefits from its development.

<Expanding opportunities to listen to radio>
The development of new media platforms for radiko has removed the limitation of receivers, enabling us to enjoy radio content on various devices including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Today, radiko has evolved to support smart speakers and car stereo equipment.

<Improving user-friendliness and added value>
By providing the Area Free service (enabling users to listen to all participating commercial radio stations nationwide without regional restrictions) and the Time Free service (enabling users to listen to any program that was streamed in the past week), radiko realized the radio transcending time and space, bringing significant changes to the traditional concept of radio.

A new type of radio ad has begun being used. Previously, only a single ad could be delivered for each radio ad slot. In radiko streams, optimized targeted ads can be distributed to individual users according to their attributes and preferences.

Currently a bigger wave of change is coming. The keywords for this evolution are AI and 5G. Based on these new technologies, we must develop new services and evolve media platforms for the next generation that support them. We believe this is our role in society.

One example is the link with AI speakers. Without a doubt, AI speakers not only improve the usability of radiko but also generate new possibilities, such as increased advertising opportunities and transformation of lifestyles.
When 5G networks are rolled out, almost zero delay will be realized over a wide range of frequencies. It will then be possible to distribute sound and various other information seamlessly.

Considering that many people currently in their twenties or younger, who had their first radio experience with radiko, will constitute the main users of radiko in the near future, an evolution of systems (data collection, analysis, visualization, etc.) will be needed for the development of new content that targets them, beyond the boundary between broadcasting and communications.

We at Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd. will continue to develop and offer up-to-date and optimal media platforms at all times for the sake of and in cooperation with our customers, including radiko users and potential customers. For further development of radiko, we will enhance its media hub function to aggregate various content. We never stop trying, always aiming to create new media platforms for the next generation.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd.
Head Office
ABC ANNEX 3F, 2-4-3 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 553-0003, Japan
50 million yen (including capital reserve of 25 million yen)
NTT SmartConnect
Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation
Number of Employees
Members of the Board
President and Representative Director Akira Shirahase
Director Teruyuki Tochishita
Director Keishi Kandori
Director Makoto Santo
Director Shuji Akiyama
Director Yuuichi Mitarai
Director Takahiro Aoki
Director Jyun Iwata
Auditor Susumu Nakagawa

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