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Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 with the goals of providing stable content distribution and continuous content management services through the “” distribution platform. As well as achieving our original goal, we now focus on offering new “” services through new technology development and on building a next-generation media platform with enhanced media hub functions.

The “” creates a new alternative in the existing radio broadcast services by providing radio content and relevant information about radio programs and by working with social networking services, through applications for various internet terminals. (including smartphones, tablet computers and personal computers)
This synergistic effect of combining broadcasting and communication opens the door to new possibilities in the industry.
In April 2014, is going to start a pay subscription service (called Premium), where customers can enjoy programs of 60 participating commercial radio stations from, available from any location. This service is expected not only to expand listening opportunities but also to provide a new way of enjoying radio and quality content distribution services that are far more in tune with user needs and tastes. Like, one of Media Platform Lab’s missions is to develop and expand a new type of media distribution platform.

In the near future, customers will be able to seamlessly access a variety of information at anytime, anywhere in Japan. There will be no need to collect information anymore; useful information will be at your fingertips to meet any need or situation. Currently, we mainly deal with useful information about what is in customers’nearby vicinity. In the near future, we predict demand for cutting-edge services that interface with more useful content will increase. Such services require the creation of an appropriate next-generation platform. The team at Media Platform Lab will work hard to enhance media hub functions for intensive use of a range of content, and to bring our customers a superior next-generation platform.

Current as of the end of March, 2014