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『』について is an IP (Internet Protocol) simulcast radio service that allows you to use your computer as a radio set.

Different from usual internet radio services with the unique content and unlimited area of usage, is a simulcast service which distribute various types of terrestrial radio content and commercials to the internet.

■ Distribution area and broadcast stations
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Please note that you may not be able to listen to the radio even in the broadcasting area due to the network environment.

In recent years, mainly in urban areas, the radio listening environment has degraded significantly with the increase in high-rise buildings and noise sources such as motors.
As well as eliminating such issues due to radio wave conditions, we are seeking more attractive audio media offerings.
We will improve the listening conditions of the environment so that you may listen to radio programs free from noise interference on your computer without even registering for our service. We hope more people will enjoy the radio programs on offer from