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Development of the alliance

The distribution platform of has offered stable operating services since its start on March 15, 2010, as we continue to work to improve its quality and upgrade its applications. In addition, under new business development, we are building applications to be used in other platforms, such as home appliances like TVs and audio equipment for using the services, thus expanding the possibilities.


All Songs Reporting Service

To calculate royalties to be paid for the total pieces of music broadcast on the radio, each radio station in Japan reports the total pieces of music played to JASRAC (the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers).
As the radio station calculates the total number by sampling only a part of all programs, we are not exactly sure of the pieces of music broadcast. Each station, being required to report to JASRAC every 13 weeks, has spent time and effort on manual sampling for such calculation. We at Media Platform Lab have therefore developed a service to automatically detect, calculate and inform each station of the total pieces of music used on all programs by using broadcast audio sources and Synchro Ad.
Our service is now well-received by radio stations throughout Japan.