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President and Representative Director
Takafumi Makiuchi

At Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd., we are pleased to announce that we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our establishment in 2022. We were founded in 2012 to provide a distribution platform for radiko, a service enabling its users to listen to the radio on their PCs and smartphones, on a stable and continuing basis.

The term "Lab" included in our corporate name represents our determination to always pursue research and development of a new media platform (media PF). Present a media platform as technical support for maximizing the value of conventional media and ensuring delivery to customers with expectation (i.e. listeners) --- this is the mission of Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd.

For the business development of radiko, an initiative to underpin the realization of a new form of radio media, we contribute to creating value as presented below:

- Expansion of Opportunities to Listen to the Radio -

The development of the new media PF for radiko has removed the restrictions as to receivers, igniting the evolution of making it possible to enjoy the radio with a wide variety of terminals, such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and car stereos.

- More Convenience for Listeners and Additional Value of the radiko Service -

We provide the Area Free service (in which service users can listen to programs broadcast from the private radio stations participating in radiko nationwide regardless of the area) and the Time Free service (enabling service users to listen to programs broadcast within the past week). We, thus, have made it possible to listen to the radio while exceeding the boundaries of area and time, greatly changing the conventional concept of the radio.

- radiko audio Ad - A New Form of Radio Advertising -

In conventional radio broadcasting, only a single ad was available in a single advertising slot. Through radiko audio Ad, however, optimum ads that suit listeners' attributes and tastes are now beginning to be delivered individually.

- Commitments toward Stable Operations -

Ensuring system redundancy and establishing an appropriate maintenance framework, we realize stable operations of radiko, even at the time of an emergency, and underpin the “relief of listening.”

In addition, by leveraging our know-how of operating this platform, we present various customers with proposals on the use of media and perform joint demonstration experiences toward creating value in the next-generation broadcasting industry and invigorating the industry.

At Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd., looking ahead to the next decade, we would like to pursue further convenience in line with changes in listeners' needs and lifestyles while continuing to always create the latest and the most suitable media PF together with customers. Improving the quality of the media hub function, which connects a wide variety of contents and service users, including listeners, we will continue to take on the challenge of creating a media PF with our eye on the next generation.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Media Platform Lab Co., Ltd.
Head Office
ABC ANNEX 3F, 2-4-3 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 553-0003, Japan
50 million yen (including capital reserve of 25 million yen)
NTT SmartConnect
Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation
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Members of the Board
President and Representative Director Takafumi Makiuchi
Director Teruyuki Tochishita
Director Keishi Kandori
Director Yoshimasa Okimura
Director Hideaki Nishida
Director Kazuhiko Somekawa
Director Ryuichi Koike
Director Takahiro Aoki
Auditor Takayuki Syouji

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